Stay-Here Sammy

Kids' Safety Car Magnet

Stay-Here Sammy kids' safety car magnet can be helpful for parents and/or caregivers of: 
  • Toddlers or small children who are tempted to run off into busy streets or parking lots
  • One toddler and one infant
  • Twins, Triplets, Quads or More!
  • Special Needs children
  • Children who need incentive to get into the car - whether it is out the door or leaving somewhere fun! 

$11.95 includes a
Stay-Here Sammy magnet, free story and free shipping!

Hi Friends-  I'm Stay-Here Sammy!   
I'm a fun and friendly magnet designed to keep curious - and fast - children close to their parents’ watchful eye in parking lots, driveways and on busy streets!

Kids love to play with me during those critical moments when mom or dad is loading up siblings or other items into the car. 

Take me Home today for a "hi-four!"

Who Needs Stay-Here Sammy?