Stay-Here Sammy

Kids' Safety Car Magnet


How Does Stay-Here Sammy Work?
Stay-Here Sammy is a 8" x 4" magnet that adheres to any metal surface but is intended to be placed on a car door. We recommend putting it on the front doors to allow easy access to the backseat for loading. It is portable so it can move anywhere around the car or move with you. 
During those critical minutes when a caregiver is loading one or more children into the car, Stay-Here Sammy provides a fun distraction. Young children love his big, goofy grin and giant hands and can play peek-a-boo, give him a “high-4” or make up their own game while they wait for their caregiver to buckle up their sibling or load the car with other items.

While a caregiver must always keep close watch in high-traffic areas, Stay-Here Sammy is a helpful tool to help them do so. What’s more, Stay-Here Sammy is an incentive to get kids into the car – they love to see him so they leave the house faster and are anxious to leave fun places like the playground when it is time to go!
Benji and Bea were the first kids Stay-Here Sammy decided to visit! When you purchase a Stay-Here Sammy, you will receive a fun and adorable story that helps kids understand how Stay-Here Sammy works and emphasizes the importance of staying close to their caregiver in busy traffic areas.

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