Does Stay-Here Sammy really work?
Yes! The goal of Stay-Here Sammy is to keep children entertained while getting in and out of the car. Since each interaction is so brief, seeing Stay-Here Sammy is a new adventure for them each time. 

What ages is Stay-Here Sammy best for?
This all depends on the child, but kids 18-months to four or five years old love Stay-Here Sammy.

Will Stay-Here Sammy damage my car?
It is a magnet that easily affixes and comes off of any metal surface. We do recommend moving and cleaning the surface once a week to prevent natural discoloration.

How many Stay-Here Sammy magnets do I need?
It depends on the child and number of caregivers. One Stay-Here Sammy will work even if there are multiple children, but you may want to invest in more for other caregivers’ vehicles or to limit any fighting among siblings!

Is the Story of Stay-Here Sammy available in book format?
At this time, the Story of Stay-Here is Sammy is available only in e-book.

Are there other Stay-Here Sammy stories?
Right now there is only the Story of Stay-Here Sammy but stay tuned for more adventures!

Will Stay-Here Sammy be hot to the touch on a warm day?
Stay-Here Sammy will be warm, but because of its coating should not burn a child’s palm. 

If I have Stay-Here Sammy, does that mean I don’t have to watch my child in a parking lot?
While Stay-Here Sammy provides entertainment and a distraction, the caregiver must ALWAYS keep a watchful eye on any child any time there are moving vehicles. Stay-Here Sammy is designed as a tool to help parents but can never take the place of an adult.

Why aren’t there more pictures or video of children using Stay-Here Sammy on the web site?
This answer is from Dana - It is really hard to get toddlers to perform on demand! Most times I’m using Stay-Here Sammy, I am solo with my girls and can’t take the risk of using a camera in addition to getting them in the car. Any time we ask them to play with Stay-Here Sammy when there is more than one adult, they know our game! But send us your pictures! We would love to see your kids playing with Stay-Here Sammy!

Are there other resources for child road safety that I can access?
It is very important to be aware of all aspects of car and road safety for both adults and resources. is a great resource for child car safety.

Do you offer a discount if I need a big Stay-Here Sammys for my school/church/etc.?
We offer bulk discounts for Stay-Here Sammy orders of 25 or more magnets. Please contact us at to place your order. 

Stay-Here Sammy

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