Stay-Here Sammy

Kids' Safety Car Magnet

Caroline, Dana and Cate

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Dana Connors, a South Philadelphia native and current Havertown, PA resident is the mom of two-year old twins, Cate and Caroline. The idea for Stay-Here Sammy came right around the girls’ 18-month mark, when they were mobile, had minds of their own and couldn’t yet follow directions. Any solo outing with the girls became stressful for Dana or her husband, John – it was always a challenge to occupy and keep one sister reigned in while buckling the other in her car seat. Even day care drop-off was stressful since school was on a main street!

Coupling the girls’ love of characters (and emojis) and the cues they have taken from role modeling in stories, Stay-Here Sammy was born. Right around 20 months for the girls, Stay-Here Sammy became very effective in keeping the girls entertained. As an added bonus he serves as an incentive to get out the door in the mornings and to leave the playground!

In sharing Stay-Here Sammy with other moms, Dana realized there was a real need for this among not just parents and caregivers of multiples, but any caregiver with more than one small child. While an adult’s watchful eye is always needed in busy traffic areas, Stay-Here Sammy keeps kids occupied, saves time, and reduces the stress of those critical few moments getting in and out of the car!

Dana’s girls are now 2 years old and “I want to see Sammy!” is a common call every morning before school. They always find new ways to play with him – most recently, Cate has started reading him one of her books while she waits for Caroline to be buckled up. 

How Stay-Here Sammy Came to Life